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Peter Cushing Life Mask

3/4 head life mask of Peter Cushing. This casting was originally ordered by The Haunted Studios in 1999 to be given away to guests at a Halloween party in Burbank California that never took place. Just 100 of these fantastic head casts were made, then the mold was destroyed. These casts have sat forgotten for many years, and were just 'rediscovered' when Studio 303 was moving to a new location.

The original 3/4 Life Mask from which these casts were made was acquired from a private collector in New York City. That collector referred to this life mask as The Star Wars Cast. This is the most complete life mask of Peter Cushing known to exist. As you can see from the photo, this is a highly detailed life mask showing every aspect of the actor's face and neck, to just behind the ears.

The life mask is life size, cast in UltraStone, with a ring on the back to hang on the wall. It has a "Antique Gold and Bronze" finish that shows the finest details. A Certificate of Authenticity from its maker, Studio 303 was included. More than just painted, the mask was hand finished by a retired Hollywood film studio prop builder. The mask was sealed, painted with four metallic colors to bring out the detail, then sealed again.

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