Guest Stars and Visiting Actors

Russell Hunter
Played Commander Uvanov in "The Robots of Death"
Thanks Col

Lynda Bellingham
Played The Inquisitor in "The Trial of a Time Lord"

Nerys Hughes
Played Todd in "Kinda"

Tony Selby
Played Glitz in "The Mysterious Planet"
Played Glitz in "The Ultimate Foe "
Played Glitz in "Dragonfire "

Kenneth Cope
Played Packard in "Warriors Gate"

Peter Jeffrey
Played The Pilot in "The Macra Terror"
Played Count Grendel Of Gracht in "The Androids of Tara"

Laurence Payne
Played Johnny Ringo in "The Gunfighters"
Played Dastari and Computer voice in "The Two Doctors"
Played Morix in "The Leisure Hive"

Lynda Baron
Played Rack in the story "Enlightenment"
Sang the "Ballad of the Last Chance Salloon"

George Sewell
Guest Stared in the story "Remembrance of the Daleks"

Fiona Walker
Played Lady Peinforte in the story "Silver Nemesis"

Metin Yenal
Played Karl in the story "Silver Nemesis"

Edward Peel
Guest Stared in the story "Dragonfire"

Ian Reddington
Played The Chief Clown in the story "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy"

Kate O'Mara
Played The Rani in the story "The Mark of the Rani"
"Time and the Rani"

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