Set Design Model

Set design model from Battlefield

This set design model was used in the production of the Doctor Who story "Battlefield" staring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace. This 26th season, four part serial (7n) was first transmitted on 9/6/89.

This model was used by the BBC design department to work out the particulars when constructing the "Gore Crow Hotel" set used throughout this 7th Doctor story. Camera positions and angles could be worked out in advance and general cast movement could be exercised.

Because of the disposable nature of these models there are very few still remaining intact after all these years. Most were discarded or destroyed once they served their purpose and the sets were built.

Battlefield Hotel Set

8 X 7 X 2.5 inches


The Provenance

The model was purchased by Morris Gordon in the UK from "Burton Books" in 1991. The signature of John Nathan-Turner is on top which is the closest thing it has to authentication documentation. The JNT autograph is consistent with the many other examples I have, so I except it as authentic. I bought the model from Morris in August 2001 and it now resides in my collection located in Virginia, USA.

The Display

I made a custom fitted support frame to hold the item at a 40 degree angle which provides a better view when placed on a shelf. The Acrylic box was made to fit by JMK Displays. A freestanding narration card sits on the base.

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