Dragonfire Face

Set Decoration from Dragonfire
This screen seen set decoration was used in the Doctor Who story "Dragonfire" staring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor , Bonnie Langford as Mel and Sophie Aldred as Ace. This 24th season, three part serial (7g) was first transmitted on 11/23/87. The story features Tony Selby as Glitz the lovable petty thief and Edward Peel playing Kane the villainous station director.

These full size clear faces were used to decorate the walls of the icy world control room set. Made from clear plastic, they were vacuum formed using a likeness of Kane's face. With light gray paint sprinkled on the inside surface to add interest the face is quite striking.


The Provenance

This particular face from the set spent many years in the collection of Steve Gostelow, a FX technician and actor. Steve has been part of several Dr Who productions including "Thirty Years in the Tardis". John Marshall bought the piece from Steve in June 2001 with several other items. I bought the face from John in August 2001 and it now resides in my collection located in Virginia, USA.

Steve Gostelow Authenticity Letter

The Display

I made the display from a simple frame and some foam core board. The face is mounted to the black backing with three small custom made brass pins that hold it in place without damage. There is a white background behind the face to brighten its appearance against the black.

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