Sevans Cyberman

Sevans Models Cyberman

Stuart Evens version of the Cyberman was first released in 1987. This 1990 version has several improvements over the original. The head and hands are cast resin and the dome insert is prefitted. The ear pipes have been reworked and are easier to construct. The gun was changed and requires less work.

A styrene plastic kit that requires cutting out the parts. Sanding, filing and shaping take quit a lot of time and effort. The results are well worth the effort if you want a Cyberman of your own.

The Parts of the Kit


The Completed Cyberman

The 15 inch tall silver result did not turn out half bad for a first try. (if I say so my self) There are some obvious problems but it makes a nice display anyway.

The Gun and strap may get some more attention in the future. Maybe when I build the Cyber Controller model. For now he is going to find a place to stand in my collection of Dr who items.

I practiced shading on the helmet and breathing pipes. The three air scrubber tubes from the bottom of the chest plate got repainted more times then anyone should admit.

I choose to leave the ear level helmet tubes silver. Accurate for some shows and much easier to do.

The mesh on the body was more than a pain to put on, since I forgot about it until after I had primed the body. Does styrene cement work well on a primed surface? Just ask me.

This 1990 release of the model came with color artwork for inside the chest window and really helps the look.

From the back he looks a bit pigeon toed but that is not surprising. They did stumble a bit with those big boots on.

I never really did figure out how to attach the rear pipe gang point to the back (in the small of the back). It was flat and the back was curved in quit a lot. If I had shaped it to fit, most of the piece would be gone. I did put it on as best I could, but I will not be showing you a closeup photo.

The Cyberman in Work

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