Greatest Show in the Galaxy Necklace

Psychic Necklace from

"The Greatest Show in the Galaxy"

This screen seen prop was used throughout the Doctor Who Story "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" staring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace. This 25th season four part serial (7J) was first transmitted on 12/14/88.

This piece of Doctor Who history was the central prop used in the story and is highly recognizable and prized (by me anyway). The pendant is made of polished stainless steel and pound cooper sheet. Measuring 3 inches across, a eye is painted on the mirror surface front. The back has a 1 1/2 inch sphere sticking half way out. It is suspended from a 30 inch gold tone chain by a simple screw in eyelet. The eye insignia on the mirror side is painted on using a very thick black plastic paint. The white of the eye was painter with a white reflective paint that glows when the light hits it just rite.

The center eyeball is missing and the upper and lower eyelash paint has been passively repaired. The pendant other wise is still in great condition ready to defeat another attack.




The clowns are not what they appear to be....
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Hanging around Deadbeat's neck is the one thing that can save the soles of the people trapped by the evil that lives below the big top. The Doctor and Ace stumble onto a circus that desperately needs new acts to entertain a very demanding audience.

The Provenance

In October of 1989 Ms B Davies of Prestatyn Wales contacted the BBC looking for costumes to be used in raising funds for a charity. The office of John Nathan-Turner responded by sending her this pendant. Sylvester McCoy and John Nathan-Turner both signed the letter of authenticity (not sure when).

Dave Willcox of Bristol England found and bought the necklace and I acquired the necklace from Dave in December 2000 and it now resides in my collection located in Virginia, USA.

JNT 1989 Letter

The Display

The display is made from a 4.5X9 clear plastic display box with a custom constructed backing. The pendant is cradled on a felt covered piece of form core board with a supporting structure.

The Story

Deadbeat enters the tent giving us the first glimpse of the necklace.
The eyeball is missing, where is it and why is it gone?
Ace inspects the necklace on a unconscious Deadbeat.
Eyeball replaced after recovery from the Conductor. Deadbeat regains his memory.
Mags admires the reassembled necklace hanging from Deadbeat.
The Captain snatches the necklace but Mags kicks it from his hand.
As it falls into the depths of the pit we get a good view of the complete shape.
The Doc grabs the necklace and uses it to repel the attacking Gods of Ragnarok
The Gods of Ragnarok blast away at the Doctor with deadly bolts of energy.
But the Doctor is well armed and the bolts bounce back to their origins.
You will not defeat me you beasts. I have the necklace, you can not win.
The Gods of Ragnarok are destroyed by their own evil power.

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