Glenn Ludgate Models

These one of a kind scratch build models were made by Glenn Ludgate of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
A long time Dr Who fan, Glenn created these exquisitely detailed replicas over the past 20 years.


Glenn made this 13 inch replica of the villain from "The Invasion" in 1981. Standing 13 inches high atop a 5 inch square base, this silver terror of the 6th season serial is highly detailed and a delight to see. Made on a Airfix Skeleton foundation covered with modeling Plastic Wood, the figure was sculpted and painted with great care and skill.


The ant like creature from the 1965 show "The Web planet", this Zarbi is a delight to see. Standing 9 inches tall and 15 inches long it accurately replicates the original serial version. Rite down to the view ports on the bottom of the abdomen for the actor to navigate with. These ports could be seen throughout the broadcast and if you look real hard you may even see a little face in there.

The soft spoken flying heroes of the "The Web Planet", who fight to regain control of their home planet before the last bit of life is sucked from it's core. This magnificent recreation stands 17 inches from the bottom of its feet to the top of the antennae. The wings are movable with a maximum span of 19 inches. This figure grabs your attention when you walk into the room.

The short gentle Sensorite of the 1964 six part serial "The Sensorites". This mild mannered version stands 12 inches tall. With rust colored whiskers and a mental amplifier in hand the dinner plate feet provide a stable foundation. Constructed of solid resin this little guy is made to last.

The deceptively menacing bots from the September 1965 tale "Galaxy Four" who kept Vicki and Steven Taylor jumping. This 10 inch tall and 8 inch base Chumblie is made of PVC plumbing pipe segments, fibre glass molded over plasticene templetes and topped with wire whip antennas. Glenn constructed this using his wits and inspiration from things at hand.

This full size replica of the Cybermat in the September 1967 story "The Tomb of the Cybermen" was made by Glenn for a QDWFC (Dr. Who Club) Christmas party in 1980. Constructed of wood and plasters atop a Mattel remote control car. This 15 inch long little devil moves under his own power.



Dalek Flying Saucer
Yes! That is a Dalek Flying saucer from the "The Dalek Invasion of Earth". This 9 inch round disk is a very near likeness of the one used in the November 1964 story.

The First Doctor
This 14 inch tall hand made sculpture of the First Doctor was made by Glenn using balsa wood covered with model aircraft puddy (Pick and Patch). Standing in the classic Hartnell pose, this exquisitely detailed scratch built model is a delight to behold. Glenn shows us his talent in the finely crafted monocle, the hand painted pattern of the trousers and the twisted cane. The pictures just don't do justice to this work of WHO art.

Mars Probe
In the March 1970 Jon Pertwee story "The Ambassadors of Death" a probe is sent to Mars but returns shrouded in silence and suspense. Leaving the Doctor and Liz Shaw to sort out the mess and save the world. This 11 inch replica of the probe was constructed by Glenn with a variety of material including the top of a spray can.

Ice Warrior
Not a scratch built model, this Sevans Ice Warrior kit was built by Glenn with his usual high level of craftsmanship. A full 16 inches tall, this warrior is ready to invade any galaxy.

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