Slow Dazzle Worldwide Postcard Series 1

This 32 card set was published for the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

The Back of each of the cards sports the diamond logo and a simple description.

Card 2
Tom Baker. Fourth Doctor from the Masque of Mandragora.

Card 4
Daleks - in Remembrance of the Daleks 1988.

Card 5
Tom Baker. Fourth Doctor. In The Hand of Fear.

Card 6
A Sontaran in the Two Doctors

Card 7
Jon Pertwee. Third Doctor with the first Master and an Axon in the Claws of Axos.

Card 8
Richard Hurndall, as the first Doctor. In The Five Doctors.

Card 9
The third Doctor Jon Pertwee and UNIT, with Sara Jane Smith in Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

Card 10
K9. The fourth Doctor's faithful robot dog.

Card 11
Tom Baker, fourth Doctor and Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith in Planet of Evil.

Card 12
William Hartnell the first Doctor, Patrick Troughton second Doctor and Jon Pertwee the third Doctor in the Tenth Anniversary Story, The 3 Doctors.

Card 14
The Tardis. The Doctor's Space Timecraft first appeared in An Unearthy Child, 1963.

Card 16
Jon Pertwee the third Doctor faces the Ogrons and Daleks in Day of the Daleks.

Card 18
Cyberman in distress, in The Five Doctors.

Card 20
Jon Pertwee the third Doctor and Liz Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith wrestle with a Sontaran.

Card 22
The third Doctor, Jon Pertwee and his favorite monsters, the Draconians from Frontier in Space.

Card 24
A Sea Devil. 1972

Card 25
The fourth Doctor, Tom Baker is captured by the Zygons in Terror of the Zygons.

Card 26
Ice Warrior under attack in the Monster of Peladon.

Card 27
An exploding Cyberman for the Five Doctors.

Card 30
Cybermen emerge from icy hibernation in Tomb of the Cybermen.

Card 31
William Hartnell, the first Doctor with the original set of companions, including William Russell as Ian Chesteron, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright and Carole Ann Ford as Susan.

Card 32
Patrick Troughton, second Doctor at the controls of the Tardis.

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